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Health & Wellbeing

Advances in chemistry play an instrumental role in increasing agricultural production to feed a growing world population. Chemical products protect plants from pest infestation, increase crop production through the use of high-yield seeds and fertilizers and slow soil erosion. Chemistry is also essential to safe drinking water. Advances in chemistry include disinfectants that kill germs and prevent disease, polymer membrane filters that remove impurities, and materials for pipes that protect water, from its source to the tap. Finally, medical breakthroughs and innovative technologies made possible by chemistry provide deeper understanding of the causes of, and better treatments for, infectious diseases, enabling people to live longer and healthier lives.

P&G Video: A Decade of Sharing Clean Drinking Water

P&G brands have been in the business of cleaning for over 175 years. More than a decade ago, a P&G scientist developed a powdered cleaning technology he believed had the potential to change lives. Today, these P&G packets have helped millions of people make dirty, dangerous water clean and drinkable.

Eastman Video: Little packages of happiness (HydroPack)

It’s called the HydroPack™ – a paper-thin pouch that overnight can turn dirty water into a flavored, healthy drink. Developed by Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI), the HydroPack™ uses a membrane made from Eastman cellulose acetate that is the heart of HTI’s proprietary Forward Osmosis technology. In the hands of children following a disaster such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, they were a “little package of happiness”.

Dow Chemical Video: Flexible Packaging Solutions for Food

With busy lifestyles and a growing urban population comes an increase in demand for food that is fresh, healthy, and convenient. Increasing food production efficiency and addressing waste has become a major priority, and Dow is committed to developing innovative flexible packaging solutions that address these challenges.

Dow Chemical Video: The Beauty of Water

There’s a fixed amount of water on our planet, but an ever growing population. Dow finds ways to more effectively filter it, more efficiently purify it, more completely re-use it, on both a small scale and large. For more than 70 years Dow has been developing and applying separation and purification technologies around the world. For example, Dow’s breakthrough reverse osmosis technology enables the use of less energy and improves purification by 40 percent.

Celanese Video: Celanese GUR helps recipients maintain a more active lifestyle

People are remaining active longer than ever and they don’t want to surrender the freedom that comes with being able to enjoy hobbies and exercise. That means more people will require artificial joints and more will be demanded of those devices. Celanese makes GUR UHMWE-PE, a polymer that cushions prosthetic parts and has become the standard for artificial knees, hips and other joints. It possesses all the strength and durability that make it ideal for this use, but its real value can be seen in what it allows people to do, such as play competitive basketball into their 80s.

Evonik Video: The challenge – Food for 9 billion people in 2050

Evonik is the only supplier worldwide of all four of the amino acids essential to animal nutrition – DL-methionine, lysine, threonine and tryptophan. Besides ensuring a healthy animal diet, these amino acids also make it possible to obtain high quality protein using fewer precious resources.

P&G Video: CSDW Program – 7 billionth liter milestone video

The Procter & Gamble Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has provided 7 billion liters of clean drinking water around the world! That much clean water has saved an estimated 39,000 lives during emergencies and in sustained community programs. The not-for-profit program aims to save one life every hour by 2020 by sharing 2 billion liters of clean water every year.

3M Video: Science has the power to change the world

3M touches virtually every part of your life. With medical dressings that help wounds heal faster, reflective materials that make our roadways safer, and even stethoscopes that listen to astronauts’ heartbeats in space, 3M people and technology help make the impossible, possible.

DuPont Video: Progress in healthcare design

DuPont drives progress in healthcare design with advanced materials like Corian® that help heathcare architects and designers prevent infection while creating vibrant spaces. With Corian®, hospitals like the UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s hospital in Cleveland are helping adolescents physically and emotionally relate.

Bayer Video: Crop Protections Trials in Niedersulz

Reliable harvests ensure our basic nutritional needs. The Austrian ­schauFELDER experimental project demonstrates the contribution of modern crop protection.

Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome Impact and Solutions

Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) is present in almost every soybean growing state and is responsible for an average loss of 35-45 million bushels per year. ILeVO seed treatment from Bayer CropScience is the first and only seed treatment for SDS with nematode activity, helping to protect against two of the top four highest yield-robbing pests in soybeans.

BASF Video: How can we ensure nutritious food for everyone?

Every man, woman and child should have access to healthy and nutritious food now and into the future. But in many countries, poverty, lack of fertile land, adverse weather conditions, inefficient farming practices, poor infrastructure and supply chains mean that many people are malnourished. Many solutions are available to address these challenges and even more are in development. A few examples from farm to food processor include: modern breeding and crop management, improved storage facilities, packaging solutions and more efficient supply chains. The marriage of sensors, data and IT has the potential to help farmers increase yields, reduce the use of resources and safeguard the environment. Product and process innovation can help players along the food chain save energy and avoid food spoilage between the farm gate and people’s refrigerators.

Merck Video: Merck for Mothers: #EndMaternalMortality

No woman should die giving life. Merck for Mothers is a 10-year, $500 million global initiative that applies Merck’s scientific and business expertise to help reduce maternal mortality worldwide. So far, with its partners, Merck has helped an estimated 3.5 million women around the world.

DuPont Video: DuPont Food Science Uses Local Food Sources to Help Fight Malnutrition in Africa With Sibusiso

According to Dr. Mary Shawa of the Malawi Ministry of Heath, malnutrition used to claim the life of one Malawian every four seconds. DuPont food scientists and Rab Processors work together to produce nutritious Sibusiso to help provide a solution to malnutrition and hunger in Malawi, Africa. Sibusiso, which is Zulu for “blessing”, is made of locally grown nuts and a Solae™ soy protein. The food supplement does not require cooking or refrigeration.

DuPont Video: Nutrition for Children in China | DuPont Danisco — “A Lesson in Nutrition”

Nutrition for children in China is one of the largest problems the country faces. Together with DuPont and New Hope Dairy Co., China’s National School Milk Program is ensuring children receive special formulated milk in school to help students grow up healthy and strong.

DuPont Video: Rice Farming Education and Technology | DuPont Pioneer — “Seed School”

DuPont Pioneer collaborates with the Agricultural Department of Uttar Pradesh to provide farmers with hybrid rice seeds and farming techniques to help improve rice yields.

DuPont Video: Sorghum Nutrition in Kenya – “Cultivating Hope”

DuPont Pioneer is partnering with Africa Harvest to improve sorghum nutrition in Kenya which will affect the quality of life for the 300 million Africans who rely on the grain for dietary needs.

DuPont Video: Tomato Production in Turkey | DuPont™ Evalio® Agrosystems

Turkey yields 8% of the world’s tomatoes, yet growers struggle to combat destructive pests. Merko partnered with DuPont to implement DuPont™ Evalio® Agrosystems, a digital monitoring network that helps improve the quality of produce, reduce the costs associated with unnecessary treatments, while helping to protect the environment.

DuPont Video: Progress in Food Security

DuPont drives progress in food security with a global network focused on sustainable food production. Through the combination of a soy protein supplement and Malawian ground nuts, we’ve created a high-energy food source called Sibusiso to combat malnutrition and world hunger.

Bayer Video: Leave a Better World

As we move into the 21st century, the farming business faces more challenges than ever, and Bayer CropScience is making significant advances in sustainable farming to help meet the challenges of feeding a hungry planet with an ever-growing population.

BASF Video: Growing Today for Tomorrow

Farmers have the biggest job on earth. The population is increasing — yet farmland isn’t — so farmers have taken on the responsibility of producing high-quality crops. BASF understands this challenge and applauds the amazing work farmers perform every day. With help from BASF, it’s in the farmers’ hands.

BASF Video: Sustainability: Feeding the World

Farming isn’t just about production; it’s about tradition, social contribution, and family. BASF is committed to helping growers get the most from their operation and is constantly developing new ways to sustainably produce more by using less.

Energy & Environment

A sustainable, green economy demands a new energy future. It requires making more and better use of renewable resources, dramatic changes to consumption patterns and developing innovative technologies that maximize scarce, non-renewable resources to vastly improve energy efficiency around the world. The chemical industry is lowering energy consumption by increasing energy efficiency in our own facilities but also our homes, offices, factories and vehicles, and by creating lightweight materials for products and packaging. Chemical innovations also enable the breakthrough of sustainable technologies in energy generation, storage, recovery and alternative fuels, providing end-user products for a low-carbon society.

Lafer Video: Dissolva vs conventional water scouring

Lafer’s Dissolva waterless scouring range efficiently and economically removes oil from man-made-fiber fabrics and fabrics containing stretch fibers. The range has lower production costs because no water is used in the process and 90-percent less heating energy is needed to evaporate solvent compared to ranges that use water. In addition, the range features a closed-loop design with a dual sealing system and integrated suctioning that produces almost zero emissions and enables recovery and recycling of 99 percent of the solvent after filtration.

Dow Chemical Video: New sustainable solutions for road-marking — Dow’s FASTRACK

Dow teams helped create an environmentally-friendly waterborne paint that could be applied fast to London’s RoadNetwork used during the London Olympic and Paralympic games. The solution enabled minimal traffic disruption, durability on road surfaces and was easy to remove once the Games were over. Road marking paints made with Dow’s FASTRACK polymers are also much safer for the environment and for the workers applying it.

Dow Chemical Video: Harnessing the power of the sun

Dow is committed to delivering innovative new technology solutions that can help to provide more sustainable sources of energy on a global scale. For example, Dow’s advanced fluid technology helps customers harness the power of the sun. Dow is the leading global supplier of heat transfer fluids for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), and today, close to 40 large-scale CSP plants around the world are filled with DOWTHERM™ A, the highest purity heat transfer fluid available in the market.

Evonik Video: Meeting the challenge – Overfishing

Evonik makes the amino acids that dramatically reduce the need for fishmeal in feed formulationns for aquaculture – to preserve our oceans.

Evonik Video: The challenge – reducing our ecological footprint

Evonik makes the amino acids that dramatically reduce the need for animal and vegetable protein in feed formulations. That means less land is needed to grow crops, and less energy, which is key to reducing humanity’s ecological footprint.

Evonik Video: ROHACELL® – Making aircraft lighter and saving energy

The aircraft industry is facing new challenges related to production and maintenance costs. Solutions are smart sandwich design and efficient manufacturing methods. Evonik’s high-performance lightweight foam core ROHACELL® enables reaching this target. For example, the radome, many wing parts, pressure bulkhead, and the vertical and horizontal tails of any large commercial aircraft can be made significantly lighter by using ROHACELL® foam cores.

Dow Corning Video: Dow Corning High Performance Building Solutions for Sustainable Construction

Governments across the globe are setting targets for reducing carbon emissions and retrofitting existing buildings for better energy performance. Dow Corning High Performance Building Solutions delivers the advanced silicon technology innovation necessary to help create a high-performance building: one that is energy-efficient, cost-effective, safe, flexible, aesthetically pleasing, and, most importantly, sustainable.

DuPont Video: DuPont Solar Technology Helps Power a Sustainable City

Turning solar possibilities into everyday realities, Photovoltaic Energy is the science of converting light into electrical energy, and is achieved through the use of semiconductors, or photovoltaic solar cells. Through chemistry, innovative materials from DuPont allow solar modules to run more efficiently, last longer and make the use of sustainable energy a viable solution.

DuPont Video: Progress in Solar Energy

DuPont helps to drive progress in solar energy by supplying clean, efficient technology to the most remote, inhabited places around the globe. Through a partnership with Moser Baer, and through the use of DuPont photovoltaic materials, diesel fuel was replaced with safe and efficient solar energy in Ladakh, India.

Solvay Video: Solar Impulse: an amazing human and technological partnership

Solvay has been a Solar Impulse partner from the start. Since 2004, Solvay has contributed pioneering technologies that have resulted in 13 products being used in 25 applications and 6,000 parts. These products improved the energy chain, enhanced the structure, and reduced the weight of the aircraft – crucial elements that can help to make this ambitious flight a success.

ACC Video: Don’t Trash Our Energy

Technologies today are able to recover the energy contained in plastics. Plastics have a high energy content that can be converted to electricity, synthetic gas, fuels and recycled feedstocks for new plastics and other products of chemistry. Recovering this abundant energy also reduces waste sent to landfills and complements plastics recycling. Energy recovery is rapidly becoming viewed as another source of clean or renewable energy.

ACC Video: Beyond Recycling: Recovering the Energy in Non-Recycled Plastics

Tons of high energy-content products, like non-recycled plastics and other materials, are buried in landfills every day – wasting a valuable energy source. Modern energy recovery facilities can process waste with fewer emissions than conventional fuels processed in most power plants, while innovative plastics-to-oil technologies convert plastics into alternative fuels.

ACC Video: Plastics-to-Fuel: Creating Energy from Non-Recycled Plastics

Companies are transforming used, non-recycled plastics into oil, fuels, and petroleum-based products. These plastics-to-fuel technologies complement ongoing recycling efforts and offer the world a way to recover clean energy from plastics that can’t be recycled economically.

LANXESS Video: Lightweight Materials

LANXESS produces innovative high-performance products and clever material combinations for many application possibilities, including lightweight solutions with very high quality but less weight, which helps save fuel through energy efficiency.

Air Products Video: Hydrogen – SmartFuel® for a Cleaner Future

Air Products has more than 50 years of hydrogen experience and is on the forefront of hydrogen energy technology development. In many ways, hydrogen is the perfect fuel. It is abundant, the most efficient and produces no emissions when used in a fuel cell. It is non-toxic, can be produced from renewable resources and is not a greenhouse gas. It may be the only alternative fuel that can simultaneously reduce a country’s dependence on foreign oil and significantly reduce greenhouse gases.

Eastman Video: Heat Mirror® insulating glass

What if your glass can insulate like a wall to make your living space more comfortable? What if that same glass can also help reduce energy costs, maintain a quieter internal environment and protect furnishings from UV-rays? Heat Mirror® insulating glass makes it possible. This innovative technology has been used around the world in structures ranging from single family homes to retro-fitting the Empire State Building.

ICCA Video: Key contribution to the climate change challenge

At the UN Climate Summit in September 2014, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for the private sector to drive more action and mobilize political will for a meaningful agreement in 2015. We in the chemical industry have a major role to play since we can provide solutions in many areas such as building climate-smart cities, fostering energy generation and storage through new technologies, enhancing energy efficiency in our own processes and within the supply chains.

ICCA Video: Chemistry and the Low Carbon Economy

The world faces a great challenge: providing energy for 7 billion people. The chemistry industry is helping to overcome this challenge with innovative products and operational efficiency – insulation materials in buildings, energy-saving light bulbs and plastic packaging, just to name a few.

DuPont Video: Progress in Advanced Biotechnology

DuPont drives progress in advanced biotechnology by developing innovative bioscience solutions that reduce energy usage while improving performance. DuPont created an enzyme featured in Tide Cold Water laundry detergent that enables cold water washing with no sacrifice to performance, saving up to 80% of the energy used to do a load of laundry.

BASF Video: Durable waterproofing solutions for a sustainable water cycle

A sustainable water cycle is key for our environment. It requires waterproofing for dams, reservoirs, clean water and waste water treatment plants, industrial waterproofing from roof to foundations including process water basins and storage tanks, secondary containment in- and outdoors, storm water reservoirs, irrigation channels, bio-digestors as well as food and beverage tanks.

AkzoNobel Video: Paint that cleans itself

How long a paint can last is one of the key parameters in measuring its environmental impact. Adding colloidal silica to paint enhances its self-cleaning properties and makes it last longer — up to 16 years, in fact, which is 25 percent longer than a standard product.

Solvay Video: Amni Soul Eco: perfect harmony between fashion and the environment

Have you ever heard of “smart yarns”? Amni Soul Eco is the first biodegradable polyamide fiber in the world. Developed by Rhodia, the Brazilian branch of Solvay, we the fiber is estimated to biodegrade 100% in the landfill environment after 28 months.

Sasol Video: Sasol building sustainable housing with eco-friendly building materials

Sasol is creating environmentally friendly living spaces by building houses with eco-friendly building materials. These materials are made from the waste product left after burning coal – a fly ash and patent polymer mixture. The houses build in Cosmo City, South Africa are faster to build, just as strong as bricks and cement and cleaner for the environment.

3M Video: 3M technology in solar energy generation

3M film technology helps to reduce the overall cost per watt of solar energy while at the same time protecting against UV damage and weathering. In the future, 3M clever film technologies will allow flexible solar panels to be placed wherever they are needed.

3M Video: 3M extends useful life of Wind Turbine Blades

3M wind protection tapes and coatings can significantly reduce, and in some cases eliminate, leading edge erosion on wind turbine blades. They help extend the useful life of turbine blades in even the harshest environments, enhance reliability and improve performance.

Ecolab Video: Adding Resourcefulness to the Equation

Ecolab is committed to delivering innovative, sustainable solutions that help achieve cleaner, safer and healthier surroundings in the most cost-effective manner. The company improves safety, conserves resources and reduces waste with the goal of keeping people safe, lowering the total cost of operations and reducing environmental impact.

Braskem Video: Green Plastic

I’m greenTM Polyethylene is a plastic produced from ethanol sugarcane, a renewable raw material, but can retain the same properties, performance and application versatility of polyethylene from oil or natural gas. I’m greenTM Polyethylene captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

Arkema Video” Kynar® PVDF for more reliable batteries

Kynar® PVDF is a thermoplastic used in lithium-ion batteries. This fluorinated polymer acts as a stabilizer to charge batteries more rapidly and increase their performance in durability and power.

Bayer Video: CARE for Crops and Bees

Bayer CropScience’s CARE program is aimed at supporting the ongoing collaboration between growers and beekeepers and the critical role they both play in feeding a growing planet and being good stewards of the environment.

Cefic Video: SPiCE³ : first stop shop for EU chemical company looking for resources on Energy Efficiency

The Sectoral Platform in Chemicals for Energy Efficiency Excellence (SPiCE³), co-funded by the European Commission, aims to boost energy efficiency across the European chemical industry, particularly in small- and medium-sized companies. It is mostly these companies that hold a substantial untapped energy management potential, estimated at 10-15%.

Sustainable Cities

Chemistry is key to developing new technologies and materials for sustainable construction and urban mobility. We’re creating lithium ion batteries that will power the next generation of electric cars, advanced biofuels, more cost-effective materials for solar panels, and materials and production techniques for creating advanced wind energy technologies. Chemistry is also transforming how we use energy and enabling technologies that increase energy efficiency in homes, offices, factories and vehicles—everything from lightweight auto parts, to energy-efficient windows, doors, lighting and insulation, to lightweight packaging.

Dow Chemical Video: Building Our Future Together – Solutions in Construction and Infrastructure

Dow’s solutions help create energy efficient, safe, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing structures that require unique technologies and innovations for the building and construction industry that enhance the entire building envelope. Dow’s extensive building science expertise and strong R&D capabilities deliver innovative solutions in the construction and infrastructure industry.

Chemours Video: Introducing Chemours, a Chemical Company

Chemours is a chemical company committed to providing Titanium Technologies, Fluoroproducts, and Chemical Solutions that make processes more productive, more efficient, and more useful. Chemours provides industry-leading products and application development that have a positive impact on people’s lives and as little impact as possible on our planet.

Shell Video: Introducing Project M

Shell is leading a collaboration with Gordon Murray Design, Geo Technology and Shell Lubricant’s Technology Team to co-engineer a car that inspires new thinking about how we get around cities. They’re calling it “Project M.”

DuPont Video: Progress in sustainable transportation

DuPont drives progress in sustainable transportation by improving the safety and fuel efficiency of vehicles through its lightweight advanced materials. The company is changing the way we travel through energy- efficient, resilient mobility systems and leading the way in the development of next-generation biofuels.

Dow Corning Video: The power and potential of silicon

Where can we find the technologies we need to create buildings that are both beautiful and energy efficient? Buildings with a net-zero energy footprint? In this video, discover how Dow Corning is working with architects, engineers, building system designers and material manufacturers around the globe to address high-performance building challenges and is harnessing the power of silicon to create design-enabling and performance-enhancing materials.

AkzoNobel Video: Connecting people and places

As our cities keep growing, AkzoNobel is helping to make transport more sustainable, better looking and more affordable for everyone. Find out how AkzoNobel plays a crucial role in helping people and cargo get from place to place all over the world.

PPG Video: Bringing innovation to the surface

PPG partners with customers around the world to protect, enhance and beautify their most valuable assets. From consumers painting their homes to businesses manufacturing airplanes or automobiles, PPG’s coatings innovations, sustainable solutions and color technologies are all around us.

AkzoNobel Video: Paint that keeps you cool

In some parts of the world, temperatures above 40 degree Celsius in the summer are common. That means even a thick-walled building will heat up like an oven, and air conditioners work overtime. AkzoNobel Decorative Paints has developed exterior wall paints that reflect more infrared light to reduce heat absorption and reduce energy consumption.

AkzoNobel Video: Making cities more human

Rapid population growth is putting big demands on our cities. That’s why AkzoNobel has launched its Human Cities initiative – to help urban areas become more inspiring, energizing and vibrant for people across the world.

DuPont Video: Sustainable Technologies for Automotive – “Innovation Highway”

Young drivers are the future. DuPont recognizes this and continues to work collaboratively with auto manufacturers to develop sustainable technologies for automotive that help lower emissions and reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing performance, safety, comfort or cost.

Cefic Video: The chemical industry: the roots for sustainable growth in Europe

A conference on the future of the chemical industry brought together 150 industrial representatives, European institutions officials and stakeholders. Taking place under the Belgian Presidency, the conference was organised by the Belgian Federal Ministry of Economy, essenscia (the Belgian federation of the chemical industry, plastics and life sciences) and Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council).

Shell Video: Earth 2050 (documentary trailer)

“2050: Redesigning Our Energy Future” takes a look at the looming challenges the world faces over the next 40 years, as energy demands intensify while non-renewable energy resources continue to diminish. With an expected 2050 global population of nine billion people, most of which will be living in vast megacities, it’s clear that pressure on the world’s resources creates daunting challenges for humanity. But these difficult prospects also come with amazing opportunities, as individuals and communities explore what it will take to build a better future.

BASF Video: Creating Chemistry for a Sustainable World

The world’s population is growing by 80 million people every year. In 2050, there will be nine billion people living on the planet Earth. The sustainable use of limited resources is therefore becoming increasingly imperative. In BASF’s unique position as an integrated global chemical company, it can make an important contribution through innovation.

BASF Video: At the heart of a sustainable building are the people that live in it

To develop something sustainable, you need first to meet the people, you have to understand and feel the place. Because at the heart of a sustainable building are the people that live in it. In this video, development manager Jean-Denis Mege at Foyer Remois talks about sustainability in social housing and the value BASF offers in meeting sustainable goals at affordable costs.

Dow Corning Video: Silicon Science for Sustainable Innovation

As part of Dow Corning’s global research network, the Solar Energy Exploration and Development (SEED) research centre in Belgium contributes to the development and discovery of new silicon-based materials that are advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency. Built with the latest technologies in energy efficiency, the SEED acts as a demonstration of what can be achieved in sustainable innovation using silicon-based materials in high performance building.

ACC Video: Chemistry and Energy Efficient Buildings

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is vital for reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the world. Products that depend on chemistry, such as insulation, reflective roof coatings and pigments and windows, help increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions in the buildings sector.

Braskem Video: Braskem believes in life and all its possibilities

Braskem believes in a world in which ordinary people have access to extraordinary things. And that chemistry and plastic, in all their infinite possibilities, are essential to making life even more beautiful, more complete, more sustainable and more livable.

3M Video: 3M Science, Applied to Life

You might not always realize it, but you’re never more than 10 feet away from 3M Science. It’s in cars, planes, homes, clothes – pretty much everything. No wonder you use 3M Science over 100 times a day.

Honeywell Video: Tackling The World’s Toughest Challenges

Honeywell is inventing technologies that address some of the world’s toughest challenges in energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity. The company is helping to build a world that’s safer and more secure, more comfortable and energy efficient, and more innovative and productive.

Lubrizol Video: Being Essential

Lubrizol got its start by making performance additives for the automotive industry. Today, it has become an essential part of practically every facet of modern life. See how Lubrizol starts small—at the molecular level—to make a big difference in solutions for the transportation, industrial and consumer markets.

Arkema Video: Arkema’s solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Lighter materials, water treatment, electronics, materials for energy and biosourced materials are all issues that require innovative solutions. Arkema places innovation and sustainable development at the heart of its R&D operations to address tomorrow’s challenges, and play its part in an ever-changing world.

LANXESS Video: LANXESS and the Megatrends

The world is changing. The growing world population will need more food, energy, housing and mobility. Innovative products from LANXESS can help meet the challenges of the urban future.

LANXESS Video: Green Mobility

An increasing level of global mobility requires new, sustainable solutions. As a technological leader in the field of specialty chemicals, LANXESS develops applications that enable “Green Mobility”.

Huntsman Video: Innovative solutions for society

Global megatrends and human population growth are predicted to put increasing pressures on food, drinking water and energy supplies. From advanced transportation, aerospace and building materials to products that promote cleaner air and energy conservation, Huntsman is developing innovative solutions for society.

Praxair Video: Global Applications

Praxair doesn’t like to waste — not money, not time and definitely not energy. That’s why everything the company does is focused on helping others do business more effectively. Praxair offer a full range of atmospheric, process, industrial and specialty gases, and it tailors supply systems to get them to customers safely and efficiently. The company develops and continues to advance industrial applications and products that help enhance productivity while reducing emissions.

Sustainable Economies

The global chemical industry is a $4 trillion enterprise that affects virtually every sector of the economy. Our businesses are driving innovation in virtually every nation and in six continents around the world. More than 95% of manufactured goods are touched by chemistry. That’s why the safe production and management of chemicals is crucial to economic growth and enhancing quality of life for people around the world. Innovation provides business opportunities and a sustainable foundation for new growth in developing regions. By helping to enhance product stewardship activities around the world, we continue to create capacity for innovation and economic growth in the countries that need them most.

Celanese Video: Celanese International Impact Program

“Be innovative, committed and collaborative to help make the world a better place.” This is one of the missions of Celanese, a global technology and specialty materials company. The Celanese International Impact Program, an employee volunteer program of the Celanese Foundation, helps organizations and people around the world address economic, social and environmental challenges. Celanese employees recently traveled to Uberlândia, Brazil, where they assisted three organizations that provide social services to their local communities.

DuPont Video: Economic Growth in Africa – “The Continental Shift”

Africa faces a host of unique and daunting challenges. DuPont is working with others to help find life-changing, science-based solutions that will enhance economic growth in Africa.

DuPont Video: Adding Value to Turkey’s Exports – “Port of Opportunity”

DuPont is helping increase Turkey’s competitiveness on the global stage through scientific innovation. Companies like PMS Medikal, Teklas and Merko are collaborating with DuPont and adding value to Turkey’s exports with enhancements to their products and solutions.

Solvay Video: Creating a leader in sustainable chemistry

Innovation serves sustainable development: 218 million Euros net R&D expenses and 1,700 researchers in 12 research centers worldwide. Growth and major transformation are underway in developing areas as well: 40 percent of Solvay sales are in emerging countries.

Sasol Video: Sasol’s commitment to sustainable development – the Six “Capitals”

The challenging global economic environment — along with growing questions around access to energy and resources, increasing inequality, climate change and business ethics — is prompting companies like Sasol to re-think their processes, products and business practices. How best do we stay competitive and grow sustainably against the backdrop of climate change and diminishing resources? This is Sasol’s blueprint for sustainable development.

Air Products Video: Sustainable growth in China

Learn about Air Products’ capabilities in China including production, research and development, sourcing, engineering and manufacturing serving industrial markets to support sustainable growth.

Shell Video: Sustainably boosting economic development through innovation

Shell’s Chief Technology Office Yuri Sebregts speaks on the crucial role of innovation in building a sustainable energy future and how we can boost economic development while managing our water and waste footprint.

Product Safety & Stewardship

The global chemistry industry is committed to continually improving sustainability through the safe management of chemicals throughout their lifecycle. Sound chemicals management is best achieved through a combination of transparent, cost-effective, science-based regulations and voluntary initiatives. Promoting safe management and use of the essential products of chemistry is a shared responsibility of manufacturers, government and those who sell or use chemical products. Through Responsible Care and the Global Product Strategy, ICCA and its members provide technical support for associations and companies that are actively working to build their risk management processes and harmonize them with international standards.

ExxonMobil Video: Our safety journey

“Nobody gets hurt” is not a slogan. It’s something ExxonMobil absolutely believes. In collaboration with other industry leaders, ExxonMobil is working to improve its understanding of ways to prevent fatalities and life-altering injuries more effectively.

Bayer Video: 2014 Responsible Care® Company of the Year

Bayer Corporation was recently recognized by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) for the company’s commitment to continual improvement in environmental, health, safety and security performance. Bayer has been involved with Responsible Care since the program’s inception more than 25 years ago. Through its leadership and commitment to superior environmental performance and the health and safety of its workers and the community as a whole, Bayer Corporation is a leader in building a safer, more sustainable future.

DuPont Video: Refinery Safety in China | Protecting What Matters Most

This video highlights the difficult urbanization problems China is facing, including worker refinery safety and improving the overall safety culture. DuPont works with their partners in China to help improve refinery safety using collaborative science-based solutions.

Braskem Video: Life Cycle Assessment

To learn more about a product’s environmental impacts, you can’t focus on just one phase of its life cycle, such as its production process. You must assess its entire history, which includes the extraction of raw materials, the production processes, its transportation and the impacts of its consumption phase and final disposal. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies allow Braskem to continually improve its understanding of the environmental impacts of its products over their life cycle and their relevance in the value chain.

Praxair Video: Praxair Glass Applications

With Praxair’s full range of industrial gases, technologies and equipment, the company successfully converted the first large container glass furnace to an oxy-fuel burner. Oxy-fuel melting improves glass quality and helps save money by burning less fuel more efficiently. It also drastically reduces NOx emissions to help to meet today’s regulatory requirements.

Sasol Video: Sasol and sustainable development

Being a responsible and sustainable organization is paramount to Sasol. In practice, this means the company prioritizes safety and promotes ways to improve the environmental and societal impacts of its activities. See how Sasol is identifying key social and sustainability challenges and finding ways to work with others to resolve them.

Eastman Video: Embedding sustainability in everything we do

Eastman’s vision for Sustainability is that it is embedded in everything the company does. It’s about balance. It’s about making choices and being part of solutions to do what’s right for business and what’s right for the planet.

Learning & Education

Quality education brings numerous benefits to communities – from greater economic growth, to improved public health, to more stable societies. The global chemical industry supports equitable quality education and education for sustainable development (ESD), in addition to promoting life-long learning opportunities for people around the world. That’s why, working in partnership with government and non-government organizations, ICCA members are committed to designing educational programs that are socially, culturally and economically relevant to the countries in which they are implemented. It’s just one of the many ways in which we are working to raise living standards and increase health and happiness around the world.

Bayer Video: Making Science Make Sense program

As a science and research-based company, Bayer Corporation has a strong stake in helping to improve science education and to insure that all individuals are scientifically literate. Bayer demonstrates this commitment with its award-winning Making Science Make Sense® (MSMS) program, a companywide initiative which advances science literacy through hands-on, inquiry-based science learning, employee volunteerism and public education.

Celanese Video: Safer Home for Children

The Celanese Shanghai site partnered with Safe Kids, a professional NGO, to create the “Safer Home for Children” program. The aim of the program was to promote home-injury prevention education focusing on young children and bringing public attention to home safety issues.

Praxair Video: Praxair Brazil Scholarship Program

In 2014, Praxair’s Global Giving Program contributed $6.6 million to help provide educational opportunities, promote cultural diversity, improve access to health & wellness programs and preserve and protect the environment around the world. Praxair provides scholarships to community colleges and technical schools for critical skills that are needed in local workforces, including the expansion of STEM education.

LANXESS Video: The future of green mobility

At LANXESS, a commitment to education is considered a keystone of sustainable corporate policy. In 2008, the company launched its education initiative to inspire young people for the world of chemistry. In addition to investing in training and development, LANXESS also supports talented young scientists at schools and institutes of higher education.

Honeywell Video: Humanitarian Relief Fund: New School in Philippines

In November 2013, the town of Guiuan in the Philippines was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Practically every person, family and building, including the Ngolos Elementary School, was impacted by the typhoon. Honeywell Hometown Solutions, in partnership with international relief agency Operation USA, quickly responded and mobilized relief efforts to rebuild the school. Within one year the school was back in session.

3M Video: 3M Innovation Center Welcomes Young Scientists

3M partners with Discovery Education to host the Young Scientists Challenge at the 3M Innovation Center. Ten national middle school finalists from all over the United States come to participate in an interactive competition to win the title of “America’s Top Young Scientist.” 3M Scientists collaborate as mentors with these talented young minds to explore and celebrate the exciting journey of science and innovation.

AkzoNobel Video: New ‘Dream Center’ opened in China

Watch the story behind the opening of a new Dream Center in China, one of ten education centers AkzoNobel is building in Qionglai through a partnership with the Dream Center program.

AkzoNobel Video: AkzoNobel and Haberdashers’: Supporting young talent

Find out how the Science Scholarship program AkzoNobel established with the Haberdashers’ Company is supporting talented students during their undergraduate studies.

Braskem Video: Braskem Labs

Discover how Braskem Labs supports entrepreneurs with innovative solutions that can improve people’s lives through plastic.

Dow Chemical Video: Dow promotes STEM education through Strategic Partnership with FIRST®

Dow’s Strategic Partnership with FIRST® will help promote STEM Education through employee engagement and hands-on learning experiences for students.

Dow Chemical Video: The 2015 Dow Westside You Be the Chemist Challenge

Sponsored locally and nationally by Dow, the You Be The Chemist Challenge is an academic competition created by the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF). The Challenge aims to engage middle school students in chemistry through a dynamic event that partners members of the chemical industry with schools and organizations in the communities in which they operate.

Tomorrow’s health leaders: ExxonMobil Global Health Scholars at the University of Oxford

Investments in tomorrow’s health leaders are key to tackling diseases like malaria. That’s why ExxonMobil supports scholarships for passionate young people to study global health at the University of Oxford.

Sasol Video: Learners get involved in Environmental Sustainability Project funded by Sasol

The Environmental Sustainability Project is an exciting venture funded by Sasol, and run by the South African Institute for International Affairs. It offers learners from schools all over the country an opportunity to research the effects of climate change and come up with sustainable solutions for an improved future for mankind and the planet.

Sasol Video: Sasol assists female leadership training through the FOTAD Youth Development Programme

Sasol is invovled with the FOTAD Youth Development Programme that offers leadership training for women. Female learners from underprivileged areas are offered the opportunity to receive extra lessons in Math and Science to improve their grades to study technical related degrees.

Sasol Video: Sasol Graca Machel Scholarship Programme empowers women in South Africa

The Sasol Graca Machel Scholarship Programme empowers women in South Africa by providing scholarships to determined women who display skills and passion for what they do. Have a look at one woman’s incredible journey to self-empowerment through this Sasol initiative to empower women.

Sasol Video: The Sasol Osizweni Educational Centre offers teacher education and scholarships

Sasol understands that teacher education is a main community priority, which is why the Osizweni Educational Centre was established. This project offers underprivileged individuals the opportunity to receive teaching bursaries and further their studies in education.

Shell Video: Sustainability at Shell: Responsible Means…

For over 30 years, Shell’s “Live Wire” program has helped young entrepreneurs to kick start their ideas. On one project in Pakistan, Shell partnered with CARE International, so that hundreds of rural women can bring their business ideas to life to benefit them, their families and communities.