Actions | GPS: We’re Driving Performance Excellence Around the Globe

Through our Global Product Strategy (GPS), we’re on a journey to improve the safe management of chemicals around the world.

Under the guidance of GPS, we’re helping to improve chemicals management in countries that don’t have the capacity to do it alone. We provide technical assistance, share best practices and help improve transparency and access to important chemical safety information.

ICCA’s Regulatory Toolbox, launched in 2013, provides guidance to governments in developing countries on how to integrate GPS into their own risk-based, national chemical safety legislation.

ICCA’s GPS Chemicals Portal is a publicly accessible online database with detailed product information containing more than 4,600 chemical safety summaries. Anyone can access this portal to find out more about chemical products in use today.

GPS enables us to be accountable to stakeholders by demonstrating that the risks of chemicals in commerce are adequately characterized and can be safely managed.

Sound chemicals management is achieved through a combination of science and risk-based regulation and voluntary industry initiatives such as GPS and Responsible Care. Through action-oriented partnerships between industry, governments and civil society, we can take the biggest steps yet to improve chemicals management and enhance product stewardship around the world.