Expertise | Capacity Building: We’re Collaborating for Safer Worldwide Chemicals Management

We know what it takes to become better product stewards. Through ICCA’s capacity building workshops, we’re helping developing countries improve the way they manage chemicals.

Since 2006, ICCA has provided Capacity Building support for 172 projects in 46 regions, totaling more than US $1.8 million. We’ve worked with small and medium-sized enterprises in the chemical industry in addition to downstream customers and governments in developing countries.

We’ve provided technical support for associations and companies that are actively working to build risk management processes and harmonize them with international standards, including establishing best practice principles for developing hazard and exposure information to adequately assess the safety of all chemicals in commerce.

As we look to 2020 and beyond, ICCA and our members see numerous opportunities to increase partnerships between industry, governments and civil society to improve chemicals management and enhance industry practices, particularly in the developing world.

Through its innovative, multi-stakeholder framework, SAICM enables industry to contribute the people power and expertise needed to ensure the job is done right.

The challenges of globalization require that we work together – governments, businesses and other stakeholders – and harness our expertise to advance sustainable development objectives.