Energy & Environment

Lafer Video: Dissolva vs conventional water scouring

Lafer’s Dissolva waterless scouring range efficiently and economically removes oil from man-made-fiber fabrics and fabrics containing stretch fibers. The range has lower production costs because no water is used in the process and 90-percent less heating energy is needed to evaporate solvent compared to ranges that use water. In addition, the range features a closed-loop design […]

Dow Chemical Video: New sustainable solutions for road-marking — Dow’s FASTRACK

Dow teams helped create an environmentally-friendly waterborne paint that could be applied fast to London’s RoadNetwork used during the London Olympic and Paralympic games. The solution enabled minimal traffic disruption, durability on road surfaces and was easy to remove once the Games were over. Road marking paints made with Dow’s FASTRACK polymers are also much […]

Dow Chemical Video: Harnessing the power of the sun

Dow is committed to delivering innovative new technology solutions that can help to provide more sustainable sources of energy on a global scale. For example, Dow’s advanced fluid technology helps customers harness the power of the sun. Dow is the leading global supplier of heat transfer fluids for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), and today, close […]

Evonik Video: Meeting the challenge – Overfishing

Evonik makes the amino acids that dramatically reduce the need for fishmeal in feed formulationns for aquaculture – to preserve our oceans.

Evonik Video: The challenge – reducing our ecological footprint

Evonik makes the amino acids that dramatically reduce the need for animal and vegetable protein in feed formulations. That means less land is needed to grow crops, and less energy, which is key to reducing humanity’s ecological footprint.

Evonik Video: ROHACELL® – Making aircraft lighter and saving energy

The aircraft industry is facing new challenges related to production and maintenance costs. Solutions are smart sandwich design and efficient manufacturing methods. Evonik’s high-performance lightweight foam core ROHACELL® enables reaching this target. For example, the radome, many wing parts, pressure bulkhead, and the vertical and […]

Dow Corning Video: Dow Corning High Performance Building Solutions for Sustainable Construction

Governments across the globe are setting targets for reducing carbon emissions and retrofitting existing buildings for better energy performance. Dow Corning High Performance Building Solutions delivers the advanced silicon technology innovation necessary to help create a high-performance building: one that is energy-efficient, cost-effective, safe, flexible, aesthetically pleasing, and, most importantly, sustainable.

DuPont Video: DuPont Solar Technology Helps Power a Sustainable City

Turning solar possibilities into everyday realities, Photovoltaic Energy is the science of converting light into electrical energy, and is achieved through the use of semiconductors, or photovoltaic solar cells. Through chemistry, innovative materials from DuPont allow solar modules to run more efficiently, last longer and make the use of sustainable energy a viable solution.

DuPont Video: Progress in Solar Energy

DuPont helps to drive progress in solar energy by supplying clean, efficient technology to the most remote, inhabited places around the globe. Through a partnership with Moser Baer, and through the use of DuPont photovoltaic materials, diesel fuel was replaced with safe and efficient solar energy in Ladakh, India.

Solvay Video: Solar Impulse: an amazing human and technological partnership

Solvay has been a Solar Impulse partner from the start. Since 2004, Solvay has contributed pioneering technologies that have resulted in 13 products being used in 25 applications and 6,000 parts. These products improved the energy chain, enhanced the structure, and reduced the weight of the aircraft – crucial elements that can help to make […]