Health & Wellbeing

Bayer Video: Crop Protections Trials in Niedersulz

Reliable harvests ensure our basic nutritional needs. The Austrian ­schauFELDER experimental project demonstrates the contribution of modern crop protection.

Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome Impact and Solutions

Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) is present in almost every soybean growing state and is responsible for an average loss of 35-45 million bushels per year. ILeVO seed treatment from Bayer CropScience is the first and only seed treatment for SDS with nematode activity, helping to protect against two of the top four highest yield-robbing […]

BASF Video: How can we ensure nutritious food for everyone?

Every man, woman and child should have access to healthy and nutritious food now and into the future. But in many countries, poverty, lack of fertile land, adverse weather conditions, inefficient farming practices, poor infrastructure and supply chains mean that many people are malnourished. Many solutions are available to address these challenges and even more […]

Merck Video: Merck for Mothers: #EndMaternalMortality

No woman should die giving life. Merck for Mothers is a 10-year, $500 million global initiative that applies Merck’s scientific and business expertise to help reduce maternal mortality worldwide. So far, with its partners, Merck has helped an estimated 3.5 million women around the world.

DuPont Video: DuPont Food Science Uses Local Food Sources to Help Fight Malnutrition in Africa With Sibusiso

According to Dr. Mary Shawa of the Malawi Ministry of Heath, malnutrition used to claim the life of one Malawian every four seconds. DuPont food scientists and Rab Processors work together to produce nutritious Sibusiso to help provide a solution to malnutrition and hunger in Malawi, Africa. Sibusiso, which is Zulu for “blessing”, is made […]

DuPont Video: Nutrition for Children in China | DuPont Danisco — “A Lesson in Nutrition”

Nutrition for children in China is one of the largest problems the country faces. Together with DuPont and New Hope Dairy Co., China’s National School Milk Program is ensuring children receive special formulated milk in school to help students grow up healthy and strong.

DuPont Video: Rice Farming Education and Technology | DuPont Pioneer — “Seed School”

DuPont Pioneer collaborates with the Agricultural Department of Uttar Pradesh to provide farmers with hybrid rice seeds and farming techniques to help improve rice yields.

DuPont Video: Sorghum Nutrition in Kenya – “Cultivating Hope”

DuPont Pioneer is partnering with Africa Harvest to improve sorghum nutrition in Kenya which will affect the quality of life for the 300 million Africans who rely on the grain for dietary needs.

DuPont Video: Tomato Production in Turkey | DuPont™ Evalio® Agrosystems

Turkey yields 8% of the world’s tomatoes, yet growers struggle to combat destructive pests. Merko partnered with DuPont to implement DuPont™ Evalio® Agrosystems, a digital monitoring network that helps improve the quality of produce, reduce the costs associated with unnecessary treatments, while helping to protect the environment.

DuPont Video: Progress in Food Security

DuPont drives progress in food security with a global network focused on sustainable food production. Through the combination of a soy protein supplement and Malawian ground nuts, we’ve created a high-energy food source called Sibusiso to combat malnutrition and world hunger.