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Bayer Video: Leave a Better World

As we move into the 21st century, the farming business faces more challenges than ever, and Bayer CropScience is making significant advances in sustainable farming to help meet the challenges of feeding a hungry planet with an ever-growing population.

BASF Video: Growing Today for Tomorrow

Farmers have the biggest job on earth. The population is increasing — yet farmland isn’t — so farmers have taken on the responsibility of producing high-quality crops. BASF understands this challenge and applauds the amazing work farmers perform every day. With help from BASF, it’s in the farmers’ hands.

BASF Video: Sustainability: Feeding the World

Farming isn’t just about production; it’s about tradition, social contribution, and family. BASF is committed to helping growers get the most from their operation and is constantly developing new ways to sustainably produce more by using less.