Product Safety & Stewardship

ExxonMobil Video: Our safety journey

“Nobody gets hurt” is not a slogan. It’s something ExxonMobil absolutely believes. In collaboration with other industry leaders, ExxonMobil is working to improve its understanding of ways to prevent fatalities and life-altering injuries more effectively.

Bayer Video: 2014 Responsible Care® Company of the Year

Bayer Corporation was recently recognized by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) for the company’s commitment to continual improvement in environmental, health, safety and security performance. Bayer has been involved with Responsible Care since the program’s inception more than 25 years ago. Through its leadership and commitment to superior environmental performance and the health and safety […]

DuPont Video: Refinery Safety in China | Protecting What Matters Most

This video highlights the difficult urbanization problems China is facing, including worker refinery safety and improving the overall safety culture. DuPont works with their partners in China to help improve refinery safety using collaborative science-based solutions.

Braskem Video: Life Cycle Assessment

To learn more about a product’s environmental impacts, you can’t focus on just one phase of its life cycle, such as its production process. You must assess its entire history, which includes the extraction of raw materials, the production processes, its transportation and the impacts of its consumption phase and final disposal. Life Cycle Analysis […]

Praxair Video: Praxair Glass Applications

With Praxair’s full range of industrial gases, technologies and equipment, the company successfully converted the first large container glass furnace to an oxy-fuel burner. Oxy-fuel melting improves glass quality and helps save money by burning less fuel more efficiently. It also drastically reduces NOx emissions to help to meet today’s regulatory requirements.

Sasol Video: Sasol and sustainable development

Being a responsible and sustainable organization is paramount to Sasol. In practice, this means the company prioritizes safety and promotes ways to improve the environmental and societal impacts of its activities. See how Sasol is identifying key social and sustainability challenges and finding ways to work with others to resolve them.

Eastman Video: Embedding sustainability in everything we do

Eastman’s vision for Sustainability is that it is embedded in everything the company does. It’s about balance. It’s about making choices and being part of solutions to do what’s right for business and what’s right for the planet.