Solutions | Sustainable Development: We’re Laying the Foundation for Environmental Health and Social and Economic Growth around the World

 The production and safe management of chemicals is crucial to innovation and economic growth, which can enhance quality of life for people around the world.

Innovation provides business opportunities and a sustainable foundation for new growth in developing regions, which is critical to address the environmental and social challenges of today and tomorrow.

The global chemical industry is a $4 trillion enterprise that impacts virtually every sector of the economy. More than 95% of manufactured goods are touched by chemistry.

 We have businesses in virtually every nation, driving innovation in six continents around the world. And we’re creating jobs – supporting more than 20 million jobs in chemicals, construction, manufacturing, transportation and more.

Chemistry plays a vital role in enhancing safety, improving quality of life and meeting global challenges through the development of innovative products and technologies. By helping to develop product stewardship around the world through programs like Responsible Care® and the Global Product Strategy, we continue to create capacity for innovation and economic growth in the countries that need it most.

Chemistry is the cornerstone of sustainable development. Our innovations help reduce poverty levels and achieve economic stability. When our industry grows, it means we’re making real progress in helping to solve the world’s toughest problems.


Economic Growth in Africa – “The Continental Shift”

Africa faces a host of unique and daunting challenges. DuPont is working with others to help find life-changing, science-based solutions that will enhance economic growth in Africa.

Adding Value to Turkey’s Exports – “Port of Opportunity”

DuPont is helping increase Turkey’s competitiveness on the global stage through scientific innovation. Companies like PMS Medikal, Teklas and Merko are collaborating with DuPont and adding value to Turkey’s exports with enhancements to their products and solutions.

Creating a leader in sustainable chemistry

Innovation serves sustainable development: 218 million Euros net R&D expenses and 1,700 researchers in 12 research centers worldwide. Growth and major transformation are underway in developing areas as well: 40 percent of Solvay sales are in emerging countries.

Sasol’s commitment to sustainable development – the Six “Capitals”

The challenging global economic environment — along with growing questions around access to energy and resources, increasing inequality, climate change and business ethics — is prompting companies like Sasol to re-think their processes, products and business practices. How best do we stay competitive and grow sustainably against the backdrop of climate change and diminishing resources? This is Sasol’s blueprint for sustainable development.

Sustainable growth in China

Learn about Air Products’ capabilities in China including production, research and development, sourcing, engineering and manufacturing serving industrial markets to support sustainable growth.