Vision | Responsible Care: We’re Unifying to Improve Global Health, Safety and Sustainability

Responsible Care® is a global performance initiative that enhances public confidence and trust in industry’s dedication to safely manage chemicals. The program drives continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance while ensuring chemistry can contribute to efforts to improve living standards, enhance our quality of life and protect the environment.

The Responsible Care Global Charter is a pledge that CEOs of leading chemical companies have signed to create a common global vision for Responsible Care and to improve the environmental, health and safety performance of chemical producers in the more than 60 nations that currently implement the initiative.

In 2015, we updated and strengthened the Responsible Care Global Charter to address ongoing stakeholder expectations and evolving challenges, and to enable industry to speak with a common voice about its global commitments.

The enhanced Global Charter includes more stringent process safety and facility security requirements, specific measures to advance sustainability, expand economic opportunity and improve use of resources, and it expands our industry’s commitment to developing solutions to address societal challenges.

The commitment to excellence and continuous improvement can’t be effective unless it’s embraced broadly by the industry. CEOs from China and from nearly 100 of the largest chemical companies in the world have signed the Responsible Care Global Charter as a show of our industry’s unified commitment to safe chemicals management.

Our vision for performance excellence is clearer than ever, and we’re proud that the world’s chemical companies have stepped up to meet the expectations of our global society.